Prevent Car Accidents

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There are many accidents occurring nowadays and there are also many ways to lessen them but people tend to forget what those ways are. Since they tend to forget, we will remind you why it is important to not forget them and we will teach you ways to prevent car accidents. In this article we will teach you ways to prevent being involve in an accident and maybe avoid getting towed too, we will also give you a reason why following rules is a must. But if you are towed, you can search up Towing service Freo and I guarantee that you will get a proper towing service for a reasonable prize. • Follow Traffic Rules and Regulations Rules are there for a reason, one of those reasons are to keep you safe and if you don’t follow them, you either be faced with a ticket or a coffin. Rules such no passing when the light is red, no hitting pedestrians, and etcetera, breaking those rules can be a major offence, avoiding breaking is a good idea. If you break those rules, you will be a cause of a murder meaning that you are a murderer when breaking that rule, you will spend a time in jail and you will be paying so fines. So, following traffic rules are one of the ways to avoid an incident, getting a ticket, paying fines, being in jail, and the related consequences. • Don’t Text While Driving Using your phone while driving is strictly prohibited because it is a form of distraction and if you are distracted while driving you might not be aware of your current surroundings. When you are not aware of your current surrounding bad things might happen, bad things such as not noticing that the traffic light is red and you’re still driving and the related themes. Many accidents have occurred because of the use of a phone while driving, there are currently 1.6 millions of accidents that are a cause of texting while driving in the United States of America each year. So, texting while driving is a bad decision if you are trying to avoid getting into a car accident. • Don’t Be a Drunk Driver Driving your car when you finished drinking a couple of shots is a really bad decision. There is a total of 29 people’s death each day in America that is caused by a drunk driver. You don’t want to be a to kill someone or yourself just because you’re drunk. When you are drunk and you are driving, you are not aware of what is happening because you are partially unconscious. So, when you are drunk while driving it is like you’re driving while you are sleeping. When you are drunk and driving you can be a caused of a lot of accidents not just for yourself but for others too. So, if you are ever drunk, just hire a taxi or simply call your sober friend and let him or her drive. Drive safely folks.

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